About the Company

EasyFleet Track is created on 2016 after almost 10 years of experience on the field of GPS tracking and analysis of big data related with fleets of heavy vehicles. Knowing the needs of lots of fleet owners around the world we decided to integrate several technologies to offer the best quality of tracking, vehicle security and analytics easy-to-use to know easily fuel consumption or extraction, work time, fleet location, visit of point of interest, driver behavior and much more.

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Why us

The Quality of our Services

We are always developing new features inside the platform to give you more and more analysis options, and tools to make your fleet management easier day by day.

The Quality of our hardware

Our hardware is best quality and recognized around the world because its its multiple features for tracking and reading onboard computers'information.

Our Experience

We have been managing and developing tracking solutions for almost ten years, reason why we were impulsed to create our own track and fleet analysis service knowing we can provide the best solutions for our customers.

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